Hacienda Los Arcángeles

Hacienda Los Arcángeles

Hacienda Los Arcángeles is currently positioned as one of the most exclusive and popular sites for weddings and social events.
Located in San Miguel de Allende, it was built with a colonial Mexican style, where adobe, quarry and stone predominate; it becomes a unique and elegant place to hold memorable events in an ideal environment, full of inspiration in every space.
Having the most event and wedding planners, both nationally and internationally, defines and differentiates us. We have facilities that adjust and customize according to the needs, in order to conceive a unique celebration.
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Hacienda Los Arcángeles - FHB Group

Área de Bóvedas

Our vaulted area with imposing arches and columns is the ideal place to host personalized events for up to 300 people. The magnitude and height of this majestic space, with detailed architecture, makes that moment something special by exceeding all your expectations and surprising your guests.
Hacienda Los Arcángeles - FHB Group
Hacienda Los Arcángeles - FHB Group

Esplanade & Garden

With more than 1,400 m2 in this splendid garden you can organize events for up to 1200 people. The natural environment of the garden and its design make each space attractive and functional for any type of event, from a wedding to a show or concert.


Beautiful mansions to host the bride and groom, family and friends in an old hacienda atmosphere for your guests to enjoy the magic that surrounds the place while they are being repaired for the event.

Hacienda Los Arcángeles - FHB Group


We are located in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Mexico. Real del conde no. 20. Col. Arcos de San Miguel.

Our complex is designed to host a complete event. You can stay with your family and friends in our 13 deluxe rooms and live the experience that Hacienda Arcángeles offers you.

In order for you to enjoy the privacy of your event with your guests, it is essential to rent an event area and lodging.

We are subject to the provisions of the government of San Miguel de Allende.

It is not consecrated, but it can certainly be a place to carry out your spiritual ceremony on this special day.

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